GYG Dee Why

Collaborating with GYG is always a pleasure with each new restaurant we design the interiors for presenting new opportunities to bring the vibrancy of the brand to life. We have pulled together a variety of elements that are textural and light, creating depth and have an overall uplifting appeal. Featuring handmade glazed tiles in white and glazed ceramic mosaics from @surfacestudio, lush foliage from @edenfloraldesign, beautiful oak timber, Thornhill low stools from @zanui, Accord pendants from @aboutspace, orange “paintbrush” from @murobond and the stunning Mexican Telavera tiles also from Surface Studio, which is topped by the striking engineered stone countertop in crystal black from WK. The artwork for this store was custom made by local artist Stuart Smythe.

Photographer: Ben Cole

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