Espresso Room Gateway

This is the second store that we have designed for the Espresso Room brand. The brief for this site was to take the concept that we developed for the Woden store and make it relevant for this site. The shopfront was existing and couldn’t be touched so we decided to create a space within the space to anchor the main bar area and to maximise seating. A custom steal structure was designed so that menu boards and pendants could be hung from. A mixture of furniture was selected to create a relaxed feel. This is what the client said about working with us:

“Working with Morris Selvatico has been an amazing journey for me. The level of professionalism and creativity has been fantastic. They have always delivered my projects with great attention to detail and well documented drawings. They understand my brands and help bring my vision to life. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a unique and creative design team” Michael Rose

*designed while director/owner of Morris Selvatico P/L.

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